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Top-Rated Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpeners 2023

When it comes to getting a knife sharpened quickly without guesswork or skill set, one of the famous brands is Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener.

As long as you own a knife, then you definitely do need a knife sharpener. High-quality knives are bought quite sharp, but they do lose the edges at some point and will need regular sharpening to perform well.

Tough roots, animal bones, and even your cutting board are some of the things that lead to bluntness. The truth is that a dull knife is just as dangerous and it is, therefore, better to keep your knife sharpened for ease of use.

Our top-rated electric knife sharpeners will help you in any way you like. Some of the tools like Work Sharp knife sharpeners are so good that you can also use them to sharpen other kinds of blades and cutting instruments.

As a matter of fact, Chef’s Choice offers one of the best electric knife sharpeners you can find for your home use and also for commercial sharpening needs.

The brand has a wide line of sharpeners that are diamond abrasive based to sharpen all kinds of knives including hunting knives, sporting knives and kitchen cutlery.

They are definitely a pass in terms of:

  • Variety
  • Functionality
  • Appeal
  • Ease of use
  • Durability

Whatever your sharpening needs, you will find a suitable sharpener under the brand and at a price that you can afford for that matter. There is something for everyone!

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener Reviews

1. Chef’s Choice 15 XV Trizor Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice Trizor 15XV Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knives with Diamond Abrasives and Precision Angle Guides, 75db, 3 Slots, Gray
  • 3-Stage Kitchen Knife Sharpener: Stages 1 and 2 of the EdgeSelect knife sharpening system use 100% diamond abrasives to sharpen and hone edges; Stage 3 uses patented stropping disks to polish and finish the blade
  • Diamond Abrasives: This versatile straight-edge and serrated knife sharpener uses proprietary diamond abrasives, the hardest natural substance on earth, to quickly and easily sharpen edges; Operates at 65dB to 75dB
  • 15-Degree Edges: This electric sharpener applies an ultra-sharp edge to 15-degree knives and easily converts 20-degree knives to a finer 15-degree edge for easier cutting
  • Full Length Edge: Flexible spring guides hold the blade at the ideal angle during use, resulting in longer-lasting, arch-shaped edges down the full length of the blade
  • Easy To Use: Knife sharpener comes equipped with a simple on/off switch; First time sharpening requires approximately 1 minute; Resharpening takes approximately 10 seconds

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This Chef’s Choice knife sharpener caters to serrated and straight edges, double and even single bevels. This is thanks to its three-stage EdgeSelect system that makes sharpening, polishing, and honing blissful for all.

The flexible diamond abrasive disks ensure that in the end, you have a flawless edge on your blade. The sharpener is of premium quality and comes with a 15° edge so you get outstanding results every single time. It’ll also convert any 20° edge to 15°, making knives sharper than new.

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Also notable about this sharpener is its portable and lightweight nature. Its build is superior in quality even with its lightweight feel. It’s a sharpener that will definitely last for years, prolonging your knife’s life.

The Trizor XV sharpener is, however, a model that requires a little getting used to and may not be the perfect choice if you are just a beginner in electric sharpening. After a few uses, you’ll love how effortless and consistent the sharpening is.

The Good

  • This sharpener is suitable for all your serrated and straight-edge blades
  • The Trizor Edge combines the durability and strength of flawless ultra-sharp blades
  • It comes with advanced and patented spring guides that are flexible for accurate control
  • The EdgeSelect system will convert the 20° factory edge into a Trizor 15° edge that is high in performance
  • Offers ultimate sharpness for effortless cutting once you get used to the machine

The Bad

  • Unfortunately, this unit is noisy as a result of the motor vibrating during the sharpening process
  • It also produces metal dust hence regular cleaning will be required
  • You may need to keep plastic guards maintained
  • The sharpener also calls for some getting used to hence not that suitable for beginners


What makes this tool a great choice is its durability and ability to restore dull blades in minutes. It is ideal for experienced sharpeners looking for quick sharpening with good results.

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2. Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-Stage Professional Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice Hone EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for 20-Degree Edges Diamond Abrasives Precision Guides for, Straight and Serrated Knives Made in USA, 3-Stage, White
  • 3-stage sharpener with precision angle control
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 form the first and second bevels of a durable, arch-shaped edge. Stage 3, a revolutionary flexible stropping disk creates an ultra sharp polished third bevel
  • 100 percent diamond abrasives in stages 1 and 2
  • Unique stropping and polishing Stage 3 for hairsplitting sharpness
  • Works for gourmet chef's knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, serrated knives, and pocket knives

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Chef’s Choice 120 works on straight blades and serrated knives as well. Apart from getting razor-sharp edges for your kitchen knives, you can also achieve hair-splitting sharpness in minutes with your professional chef knives, butcher, and hunting knives.

It’s indeed the ultimate machine for all your sharpening needs. It’s a three-stage sharpening tool that uses 100% diamond abrasives to keep your edges sharp, so you enjoy cutting whatever ingredients you’re working with.

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The first stage is designed to reshape your damaged blades and prepare the dullest of knives. The second stage has a finer grit and it takes care of the sharpening. In the third stage, fine polishing is done on the blades using the flexible stropping disks featured. This is also where sharpening for serrated knives happens. The precise angle guides are designed to maximize sharpness regardless of the type of blades.

The Good

  • This sharpener comes with unique polishing and stropping stage so you can enjoy hair-splitting sharpness with all your blades
  • It is suitable for serrated and straight blades and is designed to sharpen more than just your kitchen knives
  • It is a machine that is very easy to use; even beginners can achieve astonishing sharpness with little effort
  • It features resilient feet that hold it in place on the work surface so you need not worry about unwanted movements

The Bad

  • This sharpener is noisy (but bearable) during the sharpening process
  • It is also quite big compared to other models, hence will take up a little more space in your kitchen
  • There are possibilities of the machine leaving scratches on your knife and it is also a bit pricey


Apart from being reliable in performance, you will love the magnetic pads that help in collecting residue from the sharpening. It is among the easiest models to use even by beginners.

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3. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station

Chef'sChoice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Station for 20-Degree Straight and Serrated Knives Diamond Abrasives and Precision Angle Guides, 3-Stage, Silver
  • Built-in precision angle guides in all three stages eliminate guesswork and produce consistently sharp edges every time.
  • Professional sharpening, Steeling, or stropping for all types of 20-degree class knives.
  • Sharpen both straight edge and serrated knives including kitchen, household, sports and pocket knives.
  • Electric 3-Stage sharpener with 100-percent diamonds in stage 1, super-hardened sharpening steel in stage 2 and flexible stropping disks in stage 3.
  • Optimum edge customized for every cutting task.

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This is another very reliable model from a reputable brand. The Chef’s Choice 130 professional knife sharpening station combines manual and electric sharpening technology.

This makes it a unit that can sharpen a wide range of knives including double-beveled ones and serrated edges.

You can sharpen even pocket, fishing, and hunting knives using this sharpener. It’s a three-stage sharpening tool, with the first and third being the electric sharpening stages and the second stage is the manual one.

The different conical disk features in every stage are high quality and are embedded with diamond abrasives so that you get sharp and durable results.

You’ll love the fact that your edge will resist folding over even with multiple sharpening.

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It is important to note that the first stage has coarse grit and hence is more aggressive, whereas the third stage has a flexible polishing disk with finer grit.

Considering that the second manual stage also has super-hardened miniature steel included, you will actually sharpen your blades with ultra-sharp microscopic serrations instead of just realigning them.

The Good

  • The sharpener has three stages, making it possible for you to customize the edge for varying food preparations; you can sharpen for fibrous foods or just enough for slicing your tomatoes
  • The unit combines manual and electric technology, making it one of the most unique you can find
  • The machine has an elastomeric spring guide with 20° preset angles for razor-sharp blades
  • It’s a versatile unit that will sharpen even serrated and double-beveled knives
  • It offers foolproof and fast sharpening so your knife remains in top condition and with a sharpness that lasts

The Bad

  • It’s however, not very suitable for Asian 15° angle knives
  • The machine does not have a pre-sharpening stage that removes notches on your blades
  • It can leave scratch marks on your knives
  • The sharpener is relatively expensive


The good features of this sharpener outdo the few drawbacks. It is a machine you can fully rely on.

4. Chef’s Choice AngleSelect 1520 Diamond Hone Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 1520 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener for 20- and 15-Degree Straight-Edge and Serrated Knives, 3 Stage, White
  • ANGLESELECT – Applies a traditional 20 degree edge or a finer 15 degree edge for precision slicing
  • 100% diamond abrasives for sharpening and honing
  • DIZOR ENGINEERED– 2 distinct facets set at different angles that form a longer lasting, arch-shaped edge
  • PRECISION ANGLE GUIDES - Ensures accurate sharpening throughout the entire edge and eliminates any guesswork
  • SHARPENS MOST KNIVES – Sharpens straight edge and serrated knives

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The 1520 model features an advanced spring-loaded guide that in the end ensures tight control as the knife glides in the chamber.

You’ll achieve accurate sharpening without necessarily having to determine what the right angle is.

You can simply run through your knife to get excellent results something that can be hard to do with some electric sharpeners.

It’s all diamond abrasives that help in creating ultra-sharp edges so you have knives that you love using and which ease your work.

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This sharpener restores damaged blades and can recreate 15 and 20-degree edges on different knives.

Stage one is designed to sharpen modern American as well as Asian-style knives. Stage two is for the conventional 20-degree edge angle.

There are also flexible polishing disks on stage three so you have the finest sharp finish. For your serrated knives, stage three is a perfect choice.

The Good

  • This sharpener uses 100% diamond abrasives just like most Chef’s Choice tools for precise reliable results
  • You can easily use different stages to suit your sharpening needs
  • It sharpens both single-sided and double-sided blades and can sharpen knives with thick blades
  • The stropping and polishing features ensure that you get accurate, flawless sharpness that lasts on all your knives

The Bad

  • Compared to other electric sharpeners, this model is more expensive
  • You may also need to get a little used to the tool to manage using effortlessly
  • Users must ensure to use the correct stage for the different styles of knives


The fact that it can sharpen American and Asian classes of knives makes it quite valuable in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a versatile sharpener then this model fits the bill.

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5. Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice FlexHone/Strop Professional Electric Knife Sharpener 20-Degree Straight-Edge and Serrated Knives, 2-Stage, White
  • Fast, Foolproof Results: In just minutes, this compact knife sharpening system sharpens both straight-edge and serrated 20-degree class knives to better-than-factory edges
  • 2-Stage Electric Sharpener: Stage 1 uses 100% fine diamond abrasives to create the first bevel and Stage 2 ultra hones the edge using advanced micron-size 100% diamond abrasives to complete the second bevel
  • Diamond Abrasives: This straight-edge and serrated knife sharpener features precisely formed conical diamond abrasive disks that gently apply optimal sharpening pressure without overheating/detempering the edge
  • Precision Angle Control: This professional knife sharpener features highly-precise knife guides that automatically position and stabilize the knife as you sharpen
  • Ultra Versatile: Kitchen knife sharpener is ideal for sharpening all types of knives, including kitchen, household, sporting and pocket knives

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The Chef’s Choice 320 offers 100% diamond honing and comes with a lifetime warranty of never distempering.

This only goes to show the kind of results you stand to enjoy when you get the unit for your kitchen.

It’s a 2-stage sharpener optimized to have hard-pressed sharp edges every time just the way you want. The best thing about this model is that it’s designed to handle all kinds of American/European-style knives with a 20-degree edge.

It has an elastomeric spring guide that is inbuilt so your blade remains at the right angle for precision sharpening. It is among the most affordable units you can find under the brand.

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The sharpener offers great results without robbing your knives of their quality. You’ll have durable and long-lasting edges with this tool at hand.

It’s also an easy-to-use machine that you can pull right out of the box and use with just a little guidance.

The Good

  • This machine is compact in size, hence takes up only a small space in your kitchen
  • It offers 2 stage sharpening that achieves long-lasting sharpness without degrading your knives
  • The pricing is quite reasonable; it is true to say that it is an affordable sharpener
  • The machine hones serrated knife edge tips something that some sharpeners fail to do

The Bad

  • Some users might find it a bit difficult to use. Please read the user’s guide to help you understand functioning for easy usage


This sharpener is highly efficient and considerably easy to use. You’ll manage to get your knives extremely sharp within minutes and the sharpness is maintained for a long time.

It’ll be long before you need another round of sharpening.

6. Chef’s Choice 220 Hybrid Diamond Hone 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice Hybrid Knife uses Diamond Abrasives and Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening for 20-Degree Straight and Serrated Knives, 2-Stage, White
  • New advanced Hybrid technology combines an electric and manual sharpener for creating razor sharp edges
  • 2 stages; electric stage is for sharpening, manual stage is for honing; can be used on straight or serrated knives
  • 100-Percent diamond abrasive wheels are used in both stage 1 and stage 2. The new and efficient "criss -cross" Technology creates an extremely sharp edge with lots of “bite."
  • Two year limited coverage,Safe for all quality knives,one year coverage
  • 110/120 Volt model designed exclusively for use in North America. Coverage valid in North America only.

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Just like the other models under this brand, the Chef’s Choice 220 hybrid knife sharpener is designed for performance.

It is fairly priced falling under the most affordable choices from Chef’s Choice.

It’s a two-stage sharpener, the first stage is electric and the second stage is used to polish 20-degree class knives.

This sharpener employs CrissCross technology to achieve the desired results. This is done by sharpening the knives simultaneously into and out of the edge to get a burr-free, super-sharp edge.

The wheels are 100% diamond abrasives in both stages hence offering amazing results with every sharpening.

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Stage 1 sharpens your knife electrically and stage 2, being manual, has a micron-sized diamond abrasive to fetch you a polished super sharp edge.

It can sharpen both serrated and straight knives and apart from kitchen knives, you can also sharpen sport knives, pocket knives, and others.

The Good

  • The 220 model uses new Crisscross technology that creates sharp edges that last
  • It aligns, refreshes, and sharpens all your blades so they are perfect for mincing, dicing, slicing, and cutting
  • It’s suitable for serrated and straight knives, sports and even fishing knives
  • The unit is very easy to use and is super reliable in delivering good results

The Bad

  • The unit may overheat from time to time, which could reduce its durability


The most outstanding points of this sharpener are its versatility and ease of use. A simple sharpening process can get you long-lasting sharpness that you will love.

7. Chef’sChoice 290 AngleSelect Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 290 Knife Sharpeners AngleSelect Hybrid 15 and 20-Degree Diamond Hone, 3-Stage, Black
  • ALL STYLES OF KNIVES: Hybrid AngleSelect technology for razor sharp edges on all your knives, including European/American 20-degree knives, Asian style 15-degree knives, straight and serrated blades, and sport and pocket knives
  • HYBRID SHARPENER: Combining electric and manual sharpening stages for an extremely sharp, arch-shaped edge that is stronger and more durable
  • ADVANCED SHARPENING: Efficient CrissCross sharpening technology and diamond abrasive wheels sharpen simultaneously to create a highly effective, extremely sharp, burr-free, durable edge
  • DIAMONDS: 100 percent diamond abrasives in Stages 1, 2 and 3 and ultra-fine diamond abrasives in Stage 3 ensure a super sharp, polished edge
  • PRECISION: Angle guides for precise sharpening

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This hybrid sharpener offers the best value for the money to sharpen both 15-degree and 20-degree classes of knives.

The Chef’s Choice Hybrid 290 provides an economic solution to restore all types of dull knives in minutes.

The 3-stage hybrid model features both electric and manual functions.

While the first 2 stages electrically sharpen 15 and 20-degree classes of knives respectively, the third stage will require manual polishing. The last stage will also be used for serrated knives.

With the CrissCross technology, the simultaneous sharpening on both sides of the blade will create lots of “bite” when you cut and slide food.

The 100% diamond abrasives in all 3-stages will certainly ensure razor-sharp edges.

A budget-conscious buyer will love this hybrid sharpening system as its results rival those high-end models on the market.

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This AngleSelect diamond knife sharpener handles all quality kitchen cutlery, including chef’s knives, pocket, and sports knives. It’s a versatile sharpener that does not require a deep pocket to own.

The Good

  • It’s value for the money as compared to other sharpeners in the same category.
  • It’s versatile, meaning it sharpens a wide range of quality cutlery. It sharpens both 15 and 20-degree straight and serrated edges in one unit.
  • Hybrid technology (manual and electric stages)
  • It does not require electrical power to polish the knife in stage 3. This is advantageous when you need to operate it at night while your partner is sleeping
  • Diamond abrasives used in all stages deliver razor-sharp edges
  • CrissCross technology creates a lot of “bite”, enjoy cutting food with a gentle touch.
  • High-quality and well-designed angle guides maintain consistent angles throughout the sharpening process
  • Simple operation with no complicated levers, switches, or buttons.

The Bad

  • The manual stage would require more effort to polish the knife as compared to the full electrical final stage


This is one of the most economical and versatile sharpeners that will give razor-sharp edges in minutes. It’s very affordable even for budget-conscious, first-timers to get sharp knives without breaking the bank.

8. Chef’s Choice 4643 Pronto Pro Diamond Hone Manual Knife Sharpener

Chef'sChoice 4643 Manual Knife Sharpeners 15 and 20-Degree for Serrated and Straight Knives Diamond Abrasives, 2-Stage, Gray
  • CHEF'SCHOICE - Professional 3-stage sharpener for super sharp edges on your 15 and 20-degree class knives
  • DIAMONDS - 100 percent diamond abrasives are used in all three stages. The initial stages sharpen and hone using 100 percent diamond abrasives while the third stage polishes the edge with micron sized diamond abrasives
  • KNIVES - Sharpen straight edge and serrated knives as well as sports and pockets knives
  • RAZOR SHARP - Chef’sChoice advanced CrissCross sharpening technology delivers an extremely sharp edge by using diamond abrasive wheels which sharpen simultaneously for a superior burr-free edge that cuts effortlessly
  • EASY TO USE - Precise bevel angle control creates ultra-sharp 15 and 20-degree edges

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This manual sharpener still manages to stand out from the rest thanks to its superior sharpening and sleek style.

The Chef’s Choice 4643 is the fastest manual sharpener you can have for your 15 and 20-degree edges.

It is suitable for European and American 20-degree edge knives, serrated knives, sports, and pocket knives as well as Japanese 15-degree edge knives.

It uses precise angle guides and features all-diamond abrasive wheels that achieve the best results every time. This model also embraces the CrissCross sharpening technology to get the extra “bite” to ease cutting fibrous food.

The simultaneous sharpening of the technology into and out of knife edges offers burr-free blades that cut effortlessly into any ingredient.

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This tool is designed to be portable and is also lightweight. You will also love how sturdy it is despite being lightweight.

With these features, you can be sure it’ll remain secure on your surface as you sharpen for accurate results. It features a soft touch handle to offer you a secure, easy grip as you manually sharpen your knives.

The Good

  • This sharpener uses a CrissCross sharpening method that achieves extremely sharp blades that are burr-free
  • It offers arch-shaped edges that are durable and stronger so you can enjoy your knife for longer
  • It features a soft handle to offer you a secure grip as you sharpen your knife
  • It is a versatile machine that handles different kinds of knives including American, Japanese, and Asian style knives, pocket and sports knives

The Bad

  • Unfortunately, the 4643 model is not suitable for single-sided bladed since the technology used sharpens both sides
  • It is not as suitable for left-handed users


With its features, this is definitely one of the best manual knife sharpeners you can choose. It’s small, portable, and easy to store.

Final Thoughts

The above sharpeners are just a few of the numerous models that Chef’s Choice has to offer to its customers. What is evident from one model to the other is that the brand gives attention to the functionality and performance of the sharpeners.

Chef’s Choice always standby its qualities so that even when you choose a cheaper unit you still get to enjoy impressive results. The wide range of units makes it possible for buyers to choose according to their kitchen needs whether commercial or at home.

To make sure that you end up with the right sharpener, it helps to know the exact types of knives and blades you have and needs to sharpen. This way, you just need to check what edges the sharpener can handle and choose accordingly. A unit that sharpens and hones more than one type of edge is better and fortunately, most from this brand do just that.

Also notable about these sharpeners is that they are designed very beautifully. They last longer and add a touch of beauty to your kitchen as long as you find the right spot for them. They are all easy to use and maintain.

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