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Chef’s Choice Hybrid 250 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Review

When you decide to add a knife sharpener to your collection of kitchen utensils, it’s always a choice of manual model or an electric one.

There isn’t really a set in stone answer for this situation, as both can do the job well. But it’s a blessing to have an electric knife sharpener that also includes a manual function.

The Chef’s Choice 250 Diamond Home Hybrid Knife Sharpener is the answer to your call.

The Design and Features

It’s a 3-stage sharpener using advanced hybrid technology. Stage 1 and 2 are electrically powered to sharpen the blade and stage 3 is use to polish the knife manually. This model will pretty much sharpen 20-degree class knives including serrated knives.

Chef'sChoice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening for Straight and Serrated 20-degree Knives Uses Diamond Abrasives for Sharp Durable Edges, 3-Stage, White

If you’ve Japanese style knives or the newer American/European knives with 15-degree edge, it’s better to choose other models to avoid damaging the knives. The Chef’s Choice 1520 is a versatile model that will handle all types of edges (15 and 20-degree).

However, for a mid-range consumer grade sharpener, the Chef’s Choice Hybrid 250 is a popular model. For those who want the best of both worlds (manual and electric) in one unit, the 250 model is a great buy. Check it out.

What is so great about this less than $50 hybrid knife sharpener?

It comes with 100% diamond abrasives in all stages. Additionally, the ultra-fine diamond abrasives in Stage 3 will ensure a super sharp and polished edge. You can polish the knife in stage 3 anytime without the need for electrical power.

With this advantage, it’s not a bad idea to bring it along for an outdoor picnic.  It’s also lightweight, weighing only 2.5 lbs. The compact size of 3.2” x 7.3“ x 4“ is most accommodating, too.

Chef'sChoice 250 Diamond Hone Hybrid Sharpener Combines Electric and Manual Sharpening for Straight and Serrated 20-degree Knives Uses Diamond Abrasives for Sharp Durable Edges, 3-Stage, WhiteChef’s Choice also put triple-bevel technology into this hybrid model to deliver the arch-shaped edge that ensures more lasting than the conventional V-shaped blade or hollow ground edges.

What is triple-bevel?

When you sharpen the knife through all the stages, it creates a different angle on each stage. Hence, after the third stage, an arch-shaped edge is created on the blade. This technology is famous for its durability and superior sharpness.

You can confidently sharpen all types of 20-degree edges with ease – kitchen knives, sporting knives, pocket knives serrated knives and more.

The Chef’s Choice Hybrid 250 is made in the USA with great feedback and is highly regarded among the users.  However, the 1-year warranty is rather standard as compared to some higher end models with 3-year warranty. But for its performance to price ratio, it’s still a good buy.

Simply put, with the modest price tag, it’s affordable with some very good features built-in. We’d consider it better than a super cheap but unreliable sharpener. If you want to explore more models and features, visit this top-ten review page. You won’t be disappointed.

Key Features Recap

  • 3-stage sharpener using advanced Hybrid technology (manual and electric)
  • 100% Diamond abrasives in Stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Ultra-fine diamond abrasives in Stage 3 ensures super sharp and polished edge
  • Triple-bevel for durability and superior sharpness
  • For 20-degree American and European class knives
  • Sharpens straight, serrated, kitchen, sporting, and pocket knives

Using The Sharpener to Optimize Knife Sharpness

Make sure the knife is clean before using the sharpener.

Make 5 to 10 pairs of pulls in stage 1 (alternating left and right slots). If the knife is not very dull, 5 pulls is sufficient. Consistent pull must be maintained to ensure equal sharpness on the blade.

As recommended and based on experience, about 6 seconds pull is just right for a 6″ blade. You may check for a burr before moving to stage 2.

In stage 2, about 2 alternating pulls is sufficient to create a burr. Make another pair of fast pull to remove the burr before moving to the stage 3.

Switch off the sharpener since the last stage does not require electrical power. Unlike the first two stages, stage 3 is a single slot and only 5 to 10 back and forth strokes manually is required to polish the blade razor sharp.

To get optimum sharpness, always center the blade within the slot and maintain consistent strokes with light downward pressure.

There are times when you just need to establish a “bite” of your knife edge to cut meat and root vegetables. Then stop at stage 1 and make a fast pull to remove the burr. The knife will have a micro-serrated edge to help you cut better.


  • 3 stage ultra-sharpener with both electrical and manual sharpening system
  • Triple-bevel technology ensures durability and superior sharpness
  • Advanced Hybrid Technology from Edge Craft Corporation


  • This Chef’s Choice Hybrid Model 250 suits for only 20-degree class knives
  • Not suitable for knives with thick blades
  • It takes some practice to properly sharpen the knife as the angle guides have room to wriggle when you pull the knife.

The Reviews

The majority of the reviews for this item are exceptionally complementary, proving that this sharpener can hone the great part of their kitchen blades with almost no effort. Negative reports are very less with regards to this model, which is a confirmation that you get an excellent quality with this sharpener.

Pricing is right for the features and quality.

This chef’s choice sharpener isn’t simply well-built but is also a better model than most knife sharpeners, if you want your cutting edges well sharpened. It offers a three-step honing process for both the straight and serrated blades.

The 250 model ratings scored 4.5 stars out of 5. The fact it received high ratings was the amazing sharpening results from tripe-bevel technology.

In some cases, the Chef’s Choice Hybrid 250 worked great, but is a little harder to use than anticipated. If you’re new to this sharpener, you have to make sure the angle at which you are sliding the knife is right.

The angle guides have a lot of area that cause the blade to wriggle, probably to accommodate knife of varying thicknesses. It could be good or bad, and you could get the angle wrong the first few times. After you get the hang of it, you’ll get used to pulling the knife correctly.

For a regular home cook who is less than a perfectionist, model 250 fits the bill. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that this model does not live up to its reputation. We just don’t really recommend the big expensive sharpeners for domestic use.

Unless you don’t mind spending another $50 to $100 to get a high end sharpener, then the Chef’s Choice Trizor XV or the 1520 model is a very good choice. We also recommend you to check out and buy the best knife sharpener based on your requirements and needs.

Do I Recommend Chef’s Choice Hybrid 250 Sharpener?

Well absolutely! If you’re not looking for a professional kitchen sharpener, then this is the right way to go. It might be a bit of an investment as far as a kitchen sharpener is concerned. However, I think a good investment always pays off in the end.

With amazing features and superb honing skills this sharper is a good addition to your kitchen. The sharpener has proven itself with years of positive feedback and keeps adding as we wrote this review.

Click here to check the reviews on Amazon.

All in all, the Chef’s Choice Hybrid 250 is a decent knife sharpener that will not ruin your 20-degree blades. Some really cheap sharpeners would grind the knives down quickly. This unit fit your requirements – fair price and a good sharpener.

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