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Rolling Miter Saw Stands – DeWALT DWX726 Vs. Ridgid AC9946


We’re all aware that the miter saw stand is equally as important as a high-quality miter saw.

It exists for a good reason. A great quality stand provides contractors a stable and rightly leveled working platform for speed and efficiency.

It allows precise cutting with whatever tool the user is working with. To get the job done professionally, a good quality stand is a must for comfort, speed, and precision work.

This article will review and compare two of the best rolling miter saw stands for all your woodworking needs. We hope this comparison will make an informed buying decision that’ll suit your buying needs.

Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

There are tons of manufacturers out there who promise you some of the top stands on the market. It can be quite confusing to find the right one to meet your project’s requirements.

But some saw stands stick out the most. They include the DeWALT DWX726 and Ridgid AC9946.

These two rolling miter saw stands are quite prominent. They are highly favored on the market by the majority of the buyers.

If you’re still pondering which model to buy, our humble recommendation and a quick decision for you is the DeWALT DWX726. It withstands the test of time for years with more than 2000 reviews and growing.

Rolling Miter Saw Stand - DWX726

If you’ve the time, do read the review and comparison to understand those features better to help you make a better buying decision.

Rolling Miter Saw Stand Review – DeWALT DWX726 vs Ridgid AC9946

First, let’s make a quick comparison between the two to help you decide which of them gets to be your dream saw stand.

Features of DeWALT DWX726


  • The Outfeed and Infeed work is widely adjustable and offers material support up to 8’
  • The included mounting rails are highly adjustable and adaptable. It is compatible with any miter saw
  • High-quality wide rubber grip wheels provide stability and offer easy mobility on Jobsite
  • Users can easily transport the product from one place to another
  • The three-position pneumatic assistance enables quick setup in a snap
  • High-quality tubular steel support up to 300 pounds.

Features of Ridgid AC9946

Rolling Miter Saw Stand with Wheels - Ridgid 9946

  • The 12-inch wheels provide superior and easy movement even over stair treads
  • It includes a pair of universal mounting braces installed on 1×8 work surfaces
  • The tool-free add-on lock levers enable quick and secure adjustment in a snap
  • Designed for quick setup
  • It has tool-free material-based stops for repetitive cuts
  • Support up to 400 pounds

The Comparison

Quick Setup

The DeWALT DWX726 has many plus points that make it an excellent choice for many users. The signature feature of the DeWALT DWX726 is its three-position pneumatic assistance and its work supports.

The pneumatic lift eases the setup and collapses the stand for mobility on the jobsite with minimal effort and strength. Check out the features and reviews of DeWALT DWX726 here.

The Ridgid AC9946 also carries multiple uses and benefits, making it quite desirable, like the DeWALT DWX726.

The Ridgid AC9946, however, does not come with any pneumatic lift feature but the unique design structure allows for quick setup and mobility within seconds.

In addition, the highlighted feature of the Ridgid AC9946 is its extension lock that elevates the quickness of repositioning extensions. The secondary lock also ensures a secure and tight fit.

Check out the features and reviews of Ridgid AC9946 here.

Workpiece Length Support

The DeWALT DWX726 supports workpiece length up to 8 feet with the Outfeed and Infeed work. But the Ridgid AC9946 provides you a total supported workspace of about 9 ½ feet.

This makes a little difference of only 1½ feet. If you frequently work with material longer than 8 feet, the Ridgid AC9946 may be a better choice.


The dimension of DeWALT DWX726 is 60 x 17 x 10 inches and the Ridgid AC9946 is 55 x 22.5 x 33.5 inches. Both weigh around 67 pounds, and since they come with rolling wheels, there’s no difference when there is a need to move it around.

However, some may consider the lightweight and portable miter saw stand for their daily routines.


Both the DeWALT DWX726 and Ridgid AC9946 come with a three-year warranty, while the Ridgid AC9946 also includes a lifetime service agreement if the registration is carried out in 90 days of the purchase.


The DeWALT DWX726 and Ridgid AC9946 can hold a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds and 400 pounds, respectively. Users can handle over 2’x6’s in DeWALT DWX726 and 1’x8’ in AC9946.

If 400 pounds of capacity is not enough, then we’d recommend the DeWALT DWX725B. It’s a heavy-duty miter saw stand that will never fail when it comes to heavy-duty works.

Body Structure

Both the DeWALT DWX726 and Ridgid AC9946 are made of tubular steel to withstand heavy-duty works. As we know, both models have rolling wheels, but the Ridgid AC9946 has bigger wheels, measuring up to 12 inches.

The DeWALT DWX726 has a larger surface in comparison to the Ridgid AC9946. But the assembling and disassembling is easier for the Ridgid AC9946 than the DeWALT DWX726. Also, the Ridgid AC9946 is easier to mount in comparison to the DeWALT DWX726. However, both products are easy to fold.


Another difference between the two is DeWALT DWX726 can fold up in a vertical position for storage. It goes from measuring 98 inches and 32.5 inches to 59.5 inches and 17 inches for storage. It helps you save a lot of storage space.

The Ridgid AC9946 can also be easily stored, but the DeWALT DWX726 is more convenient in terms of storage.


Both rolling miter saw stands are very durable. But when it comes to withstanding wear and tear, the DeWALT DWX726 comes with thick powder coating that can last for a more extended period of time.

But this doesn’t lessen the quality of the Ridgid stand. If you examine carefully, the Ridgid AC9946 also has a strong built construction. Longevity is guaranteed on both rolling miter saw stands.

Pros and Cons of DeWALT DWX726

  • Solid steel structure
  • Wide rubber grip wheels for stability and mobility
  • Small storage footprint
  • Adjustable height with a pneumatic assisted feature
  • Adjustable Outfeed and Infeed
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Can mount any miter saw
  • 300 pounds weight capacity
  • The Instruction manual is unclear
  • It takes time to mount the stand
  • Bulky for some buyers

Pros and Cons of Ridgid AC9946

  • Solid structure and builds for heavy-duty
  • Large rolling wheels
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Universal mounting rails included
  • The stand is fully moveable on the stairs
  • It possesses 12-inch wide work support that is repositionable
  • It has multi-grip handles for transportation, offering balance and comfort
  • The stand is compatible with almost all compounds and sliding miter saws
  • It offers repetitive cuts and has a storage tray or space for accessories
  • It can be a little heavy for some buyers who are looking for light ones
  • The assembling manual may not be the best
  • It can be a little clunky when you fold it

The Main Distinction Between DeWALT DWX726 & Ridgid AC9946

One important difference between the two would be the maximum amount of capacity it can hold at work. The DeWALT DWX726 can hold up to 300 lbs at max, while the Ridgid AC9946 holds up to 400 lbs.

The Warranty is also another factor that you have to take into consideration. There is a 3-year tag attached to both but the AC9946 has also a lifetime service agreement if you register it in 90 days of the purchase.

The DeWALT DWX726 possesses a pneumatically assisted operation that garners incredible flexibility. Whereas, the Ridgid AC9946 has 12-inch wide work support that is repositionable. The stability and portability of DeWALT DWX726 are excellent.

Another main difference would be the work mode. The Ridgid AC9946 is more suitable for heavy-duty work in comparison to the DeWALT DWX726.

However, the DeWALT DWX726 is more popular with more than 2000 reviews at the time of writing.

Price vs. Performance

The DeWALT DWX726 is cheaper than the Ridgid AC9946. Rest assured, both models have top-notch performances without a doubt.

In terms of accessibility, both stands are quite user friendly and are utilized daily without any issues by a multitude of users. Whichever rolling miter saw stands you choose, both can also act as a basic base for the regular saws as well as the more advanced sliding miter saws.

With rolling wheels, transportation from one jobsite to another is so much easier with these saw stands. Many farmers, cabinetmakers, installers, trim carpenters, and many other professionals favor these models for different types of woodwork. The results are nothing short of satisfactory.

Summing It Up – DeWALT DWX726 or Ridgid 9946

Both models are high performing brands, and they always deliver. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the buyer’s preference, budget, and requirements.

There is no competition between these two models. They both have their peaks with the one common goal of securing satisfaction for their users.

Buyers can purchase any of the two models and expect top-notch performances and results. Both models have very little inconveniences. You can either go for the DeWALT DWX726 if you prefer to save on storage space or purchase the Ridgid AC9946 to save some bucks. They are both equally great and convenient.

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