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Are Work Sharp Sharpeners The Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener?

From home kitchen to restaurants, the need for different sizes of knives is highly demandable. The chefs and home cooks require the best quality of knives from leading brands in order to maintain tip-top kitchen efficiency. And of course, the need for the best kitchen knife sharpener comes into the picture.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - One of the best kitchen knife sharpeners

Do high quality knife sharpeners made in the USA meet everyone’s expectations? If yes, then Work Sharp is one of the leading brands you should consider. Many pros gave the thumbs up when it comes to Work Sharp as the best kitchen knife sharpener for the money.

Work Sharp sharpeners come with both countertop as well as handheld models. It runs on belt to mimic what professional knife makers do at a fraction of the cost. The electric belt drive sharpener from Work Sharp creates the convex edge on the knife for a longer lasting edge and stronger against blunt and fold.

What Constitutes The Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

How do we consider Work Sharp products as the best kitchen knife sharpeners on the market?

Firstly, quality materials are used to build the sharpeners. Metals and polymers are used to build the sharpeners to ensure top functions and reliability as well as a manageable weight to operate.

Secondly, the designs have been tested thoroughly before releasing to the market. Parts have little to no loose gaps to ensure sharpening accuracy. The design also emphasize on versatility.

Some models have multiple uses, for kitchen knives and garden tools, too. Although there are many quality knife sharpeners on the market but not many include such features.

Finally, a responsive customer support should constitute towards the quality of the company. If the company provides bad customer support, this is a bad sign and usually it reflects the product quality as well.

Darex is a family own company which has been in business for more than 40 years. For years of business operations, whether it’s a quality product or not, the consumer’s reviews will be the final judge.

Work Sharp makes different types of the knife sharpeners to cater for different consumer’s needs as well as all types of replacement belts.

Below are the four common types of Work Sharp Knife Sharpeners selling on Amazon that consists of handheld and countertop models.

The Original Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - precision sharpening guides, premium flexible abrasive belts, repeatable and consistent results, Standard PackagingThe original knife and tool sharpener is absolutely an ideal choice for all people with the standard knives such as fishing, hunting, kitchen, pocket and outdoor/survival knives. This portable belt sharpener will also sharpen the serrated blades, scissors, and the gut hooks along with the field and camp tools. Or any type of tools with a blade.

It comes with the three different angle guides. One guide is set to 40 degree for the kitchen knives, filet knives and some other smaller or thinner blades.

The second guide is set to 50 degree for heavier and thicker blades such as survival knives, hunting, outdoor. The 60 degree is for scissors.

This original knife and tool sharpener also comes with 6 flexible abrasives belts which include 2 medium, 2 coarse and 2 fine belts.

All these features should meet the daily needs of chefs and home cooks.

The Ken Onion Edition

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition - sharpening angles from 15° to 30°, flexible abrasive belts, variable speed motor, multi-positioning sharpeningThe Work Sharp Ken Onion Edition is the most powerful and versatile handheld knife sharpeners for knife enthusiasts. Basically, this is an upgraded model of the original knife and tool sharpener.

It is commonly used in the homes and some restaurants for quick and easy sharpening practices. What makes it so unique is the powerful motor with variable speed control for high speed coarse grinding and low speed honing.

The adjustable angle guides is something not many manufacturers can match. Basically, it allows you to sharpen all types of knives and tools you own. It turns the Ken Onion Knife Sharpener into a monster sharpener.

It has more to go, with the optional expansion attachments you can further enhance your sharpening capabilities.

Its quality and versatility should exceed everyone’s expectation of a kitchen knife sharpener.

Want to know the advanced features of the Ken Onion? Read this comparison table on Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener vs Ken Onion Sharpener.

The Combo Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Combo Knife SharpenerWhenever you’re considering the Work Sharp Knife Sharpener as part of your kitchen utensils, there are various models to choose from. The Combo Knife Sharpener is one of them. And it’s the simplest of all Work Sharp Belt Sharpeners.

Of course, this is the most cost effective belt driven knife sharpener you can find from Work Sharp. But that does not reflect on its quality. As compared to the other two models above, the body is made from hard plastic, and it’s a countertop version of kitchen knife sharpener.

The simple operation does not require much of a learning curve. You can sharpen knives quickly and efficiently with just a power on/off button. It has a tapered ceramic honing rod built-in on the right side of the sharpener.

Although it has limited angle guide of 25 degree for any sharpening task, it turns hunting and outdoor knives razor-sharp in just a few minutes.

The Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener is the most affordable belt driven kitchen knife sharpener without compromising on quality. It earned a spot on the countertop for its compact size and quality.

The Culinary E5 Automatic Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing RodThe Work Sharp Culinary E5 is rather a different beast from other models. It’s designed to be a fully automatic kitchen knife sharpener.  It looks complicated yet modern and the best part is, it does not require any skill to restore dull knives.

Based on the three settings according to your preference, this machine will take over the sharpening process until it automatically stops. The end result is a razor-sharp edge.

For a 17 degree knife, the Culinary E5 does a good job in minutes. It restores straight edge knives sharper than brand new and also works well on serrated knives as well.

Moreover, the built-in vacuum to keep countertop clean during sharpening and a ceramic honing rod for all final touch-ups top it off as a superior knife sharpener.

The Culinary E5 is a high-quality countertop kitchen knife sharpener that runs in automatic mode. But the higher price tag might turn some consumers away.

Quality Does Not Mean Everything

Whatever products we buy, the quality itself does not mean everything. Knowing the correct operation is an important factor to make everything right. Likewise, the sharpeners must be in good hands to see excellent results.

Let’s briefly go through a few guidelines and tips to turn huh to wow!

This sharpener comes with instructional DVD and user’s guide. Read it carefully and thoroughly and learn how to turn damaged knives into the razor-sharp cutting tools.

Practice with cheap knives. Most of the experts recommend practicing with junk knives or cheap knives that you wouldn’t care much before trying the expensive one. This helps to save you money and heart ache.

Once you’re experienced enough, the final results on expensive knives will be amazing.


It’s really shocking but true to see thousands of positive reviews on Amazon praising Work Sharp Belt Sharpens how useful and versatile they are. Surprisingly, the huge reviews did not come from cheap price as an advantage.

Work Sharp sharpeners are not the cheapest when compared to other brands but beat many cheap knife sharpeners hands down.

And if we ask ourselves, is usefulness and versatility makes the best kitchen knife sharpener? If yes, how about to add the third element portability to it?

By now, we should know who the clear winner is when it comes to knife sharpener.

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