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Different Types Of Tormek Grinding Stones For Your Sharpening Needs

If you were to ask any professional knife sharpener why they choose to use different grinding stones for different sharpening needs, their answer would be exceptional sharpening efficiency from well-reputed brands.

I am specifically referring to Tormek grinding stones.

Each Tormek stone possesses unique characteristics and grit levels, allowing you to tailor the sharpening process to different types of blades and cutting edges.

By selecting the appropriate grinding stone, you can ensure optimal sharpening results, whether it’s restoring the razor-sharp precision of a delicate chef’s knife or revitalizing the durability of a rugged hunting blade.

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Let’s explore the different types of Tormek grinding stones available and how to select the best one to meet your sharpening needs.

One of the most popular grinding stones offered by Tormek is the Original Grindstone (SG-200 or SG-250). This stone is made of aluminum oxide and is ideal for sharpening knives, scissors, and chisels.

Another option is the Blackstone Silicon (SB-250), which is perfect for high-speed steel and other exotic alloys.

If you’re looking to sharpen Japanese tools, the Japanese Waterstone (SJ-250) is a great choice for its unique abrasive properties that ensure a sharp and polished edge.

Finally, Tormek also offers a Diamond Wheel, which is the most efficient option for sharpening carbide and other extremely hard materials.

Original Grindstone (SG-200 or SG-250)

If you’re looking for the original grindstone, the SG-200 or SG-250 is what you’ll need to get that material removal and polished finish you’re after. These grindstones are made of aluminum oxide and offer excellent performance and durability.

The SG-200 has a diameter of 8 inches for Tormek T-4 while the SG-250 has a diameter of 10 inches for Tormek T-8, making them suitable for a wide range of tools.

The original grindstones can be transformed from grit 220 to grit 1000 by using the stone grader. Isn’t it a versatile stone that comes with the Tormek sharpener T-8?

They’re suitable for sharpening common tool steels and are ideal for woodturning tools, knives, and scissors.

To maintain the performance of the Original Grindstones, it’s important to keep them clean and flat. Use the TT-50 truing tool to flatten the surface of the grindstone and remove any grooves or hollows that may have formed.

You can also use the stone grader to clean the surface of the grindstone and remove any metal debris that may have accumulated during sharpening.

With proper maintenance, the original grindstones can last for many years and provide you with excellent sharpening results.

Blackstone Silicon (SB-250)

You’ll love the versatility of the Blackstone Silicon (SB-250) grinding wheel, as it’s suitable for sharpening everything from high-speed steel to carbide and even ceramic.

This wheel is designed to efficiently remove material, making it perfect for sharpening tools with hard metals. The Blackstone Silicon has a grit size of 220, which makes it ideal for shaping tools and repairing chips or nicks.

When it comes to polishing and finishing, the Blackstone Silicon (SB-250) grinding wheel does an excellent job. It falls under the polishing/finish category, which means it can create a smooth and polished finish on tools.

The wheel is also efficient for sharpening common tool steels, making it a great choice for sharpening a wide range of tools.

The Blackstone Silicon (SB-250) grinding wheel never loses shape, so you don’t have to worry about truing it like you would with a traditional grindstone.

However, if you do need to adjust the characteristics of the wheel, the SP-650 Stone Grader can be used to change the grit of the wheel.

Keep in mind that the stone grader is not for use on diamond wheels and the coarse side should not be used on Japanese Waterstones.

Japanese Waterstone (SJ-250)

The Japanese Waterstone (SJ-250) is a must-have addition to any workshop for achieving a razor-sharp edge on your tools.

This stone is made of natural stone and offers a fine grit that is perfect for finishing and polishing. It is recommended for sharpening planer blades, chisels, and knives, and can also be used to polish and refine the edges of your tools.

One of the unique features of the SJ-250 is that it can be used with water, which helps to keep the stone clean and prevent dust from accumulating on the surface.

Additionally, the fine grit of the stone means that you can achieve a highly polished finish on your tools, which is ideal for those who work with high-quality materials and require a precise edge.

It’s important to note that the coarse side of the stone grader should not be used on Japanese Waterstones, as it can damage the surface.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality sharpening stone that can help you achieve a razor-sharp edge on your tools, the Japanese Waterstone (SJ-250) is an excellent choice.

Also, check out the Japanese Waterstone SJ-200 to help you make better buying decisions.

It’s versatile, easy to use, and offers a fine grit that’s perfect for finishing and polishing your tools.

Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, this stone is a great addition to any workshop.

Diamond Grinding Wheel

If you’re looking to sharpen your tools with a diamond grinding wheel, Tormek offers three different types to choose from.

The Coarse DC-250 wheel is perfect for fast material removal and shaping tools, while the Fine DF-250 wheel is ideal for sharpening and honing edges.

If you’re looking for an even finer finish, the Extra Fine DE-250 wheel is great for polishing and achieving a razor-sharp edge.

Coarse (DC-250)

Looking for a more efficient way to remove material from your tools? Check out the Coarse (DC-250) option from Tormek’s selection of grinding wheels. This grinding wheel is perfect for shaping and re-shaping tools as it removes material at a faster rate than finer stones.

Here are four things you should know:

  1. The Coarse (DC-250) is a high-quality diamond wheel that never loses its shape, so you don’t have to worry about truing it.
  2. This wheel is designed to be used on common tool steels and works particularly well on HSS (High-Speed Steel) materials.
  3. The Coarse (DC-250) has a grit size of 360, which means it is rough enough to remove material quickly, but still leaves a smooth surface finish.
  4. All Tormek diamond wheels have fixed grit that cannot be changed using the stone grader (SP-650).

With the Coarse (DC-250) grinding wheel, you’ll be able to save time and work more efficiently when shaping and re-shaping your tools. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the wheel losing its shape or becoming dull over time.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality grinding wheel that can handle your toughest sharpening needs, the Coarse (DC-250) is definitely worth considering.

Fine (DF-250)

For those who desire a more refined surface finish on their tools, the Fine (DF-250) option may be worth exploring.

This diamond grinding stone, with grit 600 is designed to produce a polished edge on your tools, making it ideal for those who require a high-quality finish.

To help you determine if the Fine (DF-250) option is right for you, here is a table comparing the key features of the Coarse (DC-250) and Fine (DF-250) grinding stones:

Grinding Stone Material Removal Polishing/Finish Tool Steel Suitability HSS/Hard Metals Efficiency
Coarse (DC-250) High Coarse Good Good
Fine (DF-250) Low Fine Excellent Excellent

As you can see, the Fine (DF-250) stone is best suited for those who require a high-quality finish on their tools, while the Coarse (DC-250) stone is better suited for those who need to remove a lot of material quickly.

Ultimately, the choice between the two stones will depend on your specific sharpening needs and the tools you need to sharpen.

Extra Fine (DE-250)

The Extra Fine (DE-250) grinding stone, with grit 1200, is the next level of refinement for those seeking an even higher-quality finish on their tools.

This stone is designed to achieve the ultimate polished finish on your blades and implements. It is perfect for sharpening and honing tools that require an incredibly sharp edge, such as carving knives, chisels, and razors.

The DE-250 is an excellent choice for those who desire an extra level of sharpness and smoothness in their tools. With this grinding stone, you can achieve an incredibly polished and mirror-like finish, making your tools look as good as they perform.

Keep in mind that this extra fine grinding stone should only be used after sharpening with a coarser stone, as it’s not designed for material removal.

To be on the safe side, feel free to read the article on the benefits of Tormek Japanese Waterstone SJ-200 to gain a better understanding of what is needed for your different grinding needs.

Is It Worth to Invest in Tormek Grindstones

Just like the Tormek T-4 and T-8, you’ll be glad you invested in Tormek grindstones. They’ll keep your tools sharp and efficient like a finely tuned engine.

Tormek grindstones are made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity. They are designed to remove material quickly and efficiently, making your sharpening process faster and more convenient.

Investing in Tormek grindstones is worth it if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient sharpening solution. Tormek grindstones are carefully crafted to meet the needs of different sharpening applications.

They come in various grits, which allow you to choose the right one for your specific needs.

Moreover, Tormek grindstones are compatible with a range of sharpening accessories, such as the stone grader and truing tool, which make sharpening even easier and more efficient.

In all honesty, if you’re looking for a high-quality sharpening solution that will last you for years, get the Tormek grindstones.

With their advanced design and efficient performance, you can be sure that your tools will be sharp and efficient, allowing you to work with precision and accuracy.


So, there you have it! A comprehensive guide to the different types of Tormek grinding stones and how to choose the right one for your sharpening needs.

Remember, the Original Grindstone (SG-200 or SG-250) is a great all-purpose option, while the Blackstone Silicon (SB-250) is perfect for high-carbide steel.

The Japanese Waterstone (SJ-250) is ideal for polishing and honing, and the Diamond Wheel is perfect for sharpening extremely hard materials.

But is it worth investing in Tormek grindstones?


With Tormek, you can rely on high-quality, durable stones that will provide efficient and effective sharpening for years to come.

As the saying goes, ‘You get what you pay for’ and with Tormek, you’re getting top-of-the-line sharpening tools that will make a noticeable difference in the quality of your work.

So why settle for less? Invest in Tormek grindstones and experience the difference for yourself.

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